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Information from Cheshire Constabulary June 2020

Supporting parents as lockdown restrictions change.

The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly disrupted the lives of young people. The routines and boundaries for many young people will have been significantly altered due to the lockdown measures that have been in place. As lockdown measures are expected to be gradually lifted over the coming weeks and months it is possible that children and young people will wish to make the most of potential new freedoms.

Our Tips for Supporting Children

There are a number of things we would recommend as lockdown restrictions are lifted and young people have increased freedoms and changes in routine.

- Have a clear agreement with children about expectations when they are out

- Consider extending the curfews that have previously been in place

- Agreed to complete increased check ins when they are out

- Make sure you know who they are with and have contact numbers for them

Increased Risks during COVID-19 and Parent Resources

Young people are spending more time online during the COVID-19 outbreak as a means of staying in touch with friends, entertainment and for education. While the internet can be a positive tool to support young people during this period, they can be targeted by perpetrators and exploited. It is essential that young people are effectively monitored and supported. You can find online safety support here:

National Online Safety                    


NSPCC Parent/Child Resources

A resource to share with your children who are returning is shred below:



 CEOP is a well known and valuable child exploitation resource bank. Given current circumstances they are releasing a new activity pack every 2 weeks to support parents to deliver online safety activities with children at a time when they will be spending more time online at home.  

 At present many parents will be juggling childcare with working from home. Top tips for parents working from home:  

Mental health support/Wellbeing/Mindfulness 

The NSPCC has created an information and advice resource for parents/careers of young people with anxiety about Coronavirus.  

 Professionals, parents and young people can be directed to the Young Addaction Pan Cheshire social media pages for daily updates, resources, tips and support  

Axel Scheffler has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read on screen or print out, about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. 

The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds:

• What is the coronavirus?
• How do you catch the coronavirus?
• What happens if you catch the coronavirus?
• Why are people worried about catching the coronavirus?
• Is there a cure for the coronavirus?
• Why are some places we normally go to closed?
• What can I do to help?
• What’s going to happen next?

Professor Graham Medley, Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said:

“This pandemic is changing children’s lives across the globe and will have a lasting impact on us all. Helping children understand what is going on is an important step in helping them cope and making them part of the story – this is something that we are all going through, not something being done to them. This book puts children IN the picture rather just watching it happen, and in a way that makes the scary parts easier to cope with.”


The Anna Freud Foundation website has a helpful page with information about how to support children during the Covid-19 outbreak. It also includes advice for young people and schools:

The  website has a range of free downloadable educational resources which include topics such as CSE awareness, County Lines, Gangs and Knife Crime. They can be used to support and educate both young people and professionals:


A guide for Bereavement has been produced by Cheshire East for Parents and Carers:

Please see file below

BBC OWN IT - Safer Internet App for Young People 

The BBC Own It App is designed to help young people return to learning. It has videos and articles on topics including dealing with mean comments, reconnecting with friends, posting photos safely and back-to-school bedtime routines.

Online Safety Films
The UK Safer Internet Centre has published a blog featuring a series of short films created during lockdown by young people across the UK to inspire their peers to stay safe online and make the most of the internet. This could be a helpful resource for professionals to use to supplement online safety work though can also be directly accessed via parents, carers or young people.




Other Resources for Parents

Child sexual exploitation

Children's Health Guide (Newborn to Preteen)

Internet safety

Information about online scares or suicide challenges can be found at:

The Cheshire East bullying website ia available with advice and support for pupils and parents


Sexual Abuse

NSPCC helpline: 0800136663 or email

NSPCC Speak out Stay safe:

Pants are Private:

Think you know website:

Disrespect Nobody:





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